The 2D mode and the text mode running on windows Last update: 2007-12-23.
I resolved to add others small projects in this domain. The first is one space-invaders like game 2D that use SDL and C, that I wrote when challenged by my friend Bill Guedes, in the forum.
See the source in sf project download page and enjoy. ;) Update: 2007-08-23.
Initial commit to the CVS source. I have no time now to build the binary.

What's bombas?

Bombas is a project for a game based on a logic of the classic
game winmine.exe, I'm writing the code from zero, in ANSI C and
using SDL and OpenGL.

The game will have 3 modes: Text, 2D and 3D.

How to get it?

You can download from the cvs and compile it.
I'll post the binary and source in download section of sourceforge, but
i couldn't post yet.
If you have fun with this project, consider donate:
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